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The easiest way to find
Silicon Valley caliber tech talent

Hire full-time remote developers from major startup cities worldwide

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Fast-growing startup
experiences matter

Because your

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also requires a high level of

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Hire top talents at a
reasonable & affordable cost

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* This is the standard cost, but cost could vary by developer.

Could it be any easier?

We cover all the pre-hiring and post-hiring HR tasks for you.

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You don't risk anything


2-week trial
& flexible termination

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Work together for 2 weeks, and don’t pay if you’re dissastisfied

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Termination is always flexible

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Legal issues covered
on our side

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Employment contract is made on our side

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Compliance, payroll, tax, insurance all covered

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You directly communicate and work with the developer

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Pre-vetted developers
ready for startup

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5+ years of work experience

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4+ hours working time overlap

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Startup work experience

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Big tech level technical screening

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Startups at all stages are satisfied

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Top remote developers
now on Eastway


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